The Habit Challenge

This is the way to healthier days.
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Tired of the quick fixes that don’t fix anything? Sick of challenges that leaving you feel starved, deprived, and ready to binge at the end? Are you serious about creating lasting habits and putting in the work to be consistent?

We’ve created a 6-week challenge that focuses on adding habits to your life that will get you closer to your goals.

  1. Identify your big picture goal.
  2. Choose the most impactful habit to start.
  3. Add a habit each week.

Week 1 you will choose one habit to start with. This will be the only thing to focus on in Week 1. For example, eat breakfast. Week 2 you will choose a habit to add. For example, it could be to have a veggie with dinner. In week 2 you would be focused on breakfast and a veggie with dinner. Each week you will add a habit to the ones you are doing. In the last week, you will focus on maintaining the 5 previous habits.

For each day and each habit you complete you will get a point. In week 1 there are 7 available points. In week 2 there are 14. In total there are 140 points available. In order to win you must get a minimum of 134 points. Winners will recieve a $100 gift card to 4 Hands Brewing Co!

Invest in yourself and your health!

Your investment includes: