Join the Forward Fitness Run Club!

Whether you are new to running or have been running for years, we’d love for you to be part our run club! It is a great way to meet new people, to progress your running, focus on your running without having to worry about coming up with a plan, and to have fun. We will meet twice a week to run as a group. Depending on where you are at in your running journey runs could be a mix of running and walking or one run could be more speed/power work and the other a long run.

What you get! 


Last year a lot of people did the Beat Beethoven 5K, which is April 21st. It’s is a flat, fast, out and back course and a great race to celebrate the season! Make Tracks Through the Zoo, the Alpine Trail Series, and Go! Halloween 5K are also races a lot of people did. If we have the interest we can extend Run Club a month and add a fall season. (Entry to races is not included as part of the club.)

Our first practice will be February 24th and will go through April 21st. It is an investment of $97.99/month for the 8 weeks and all the above perks.

Email if you have any questions!