Starting September 23rd and running through November 19th, see if you can drop two pants sizes!

Do you have a box of clothes in the basement that you use to rock?

A favorite dress, shirt, or jeans that you’ve hung on to because one day you’re going to be able to fit back into?

Well that day is today!

We are taking the emphasis off the scale for this challenge and putting it on how your clothes fit.

On your first session bring in that pair of jeans and try them on.

Then on your last session, bring back that same pair of jeans and you’ll be able to see the difference!

We guarantee you follow our program you will be able to wear those jeans by the end of the challenge!

What do you get?

  • 8 weeks of unlimited FIT camps!
  • Weekly meetings to keep you accountable and on track
  • Journal jam-packed with information with meal ideas, nutrition tips, getting in the right mindset and recovery tips.
  • Access to a Facebook group with other challengers to provide support and motiviation
  • When you become part of our #FitFam you can expect support from the coaches and other members. We’ll even text if we haven’t seen you in a while!

What’s Required of You

  • No experience necessary! When you come to the gym, we will show you how to do everything and we’ll customize it your skill level
  • Work out a minimum of 4x/wk (2 strength workouts and 2 additional FIT Camps)
  • Fill out your journal following the nutrition recommendations and check in weekly
  • Take week 1, 4, 6, and 8 photos in jeans and provide us with the story of your 8-week journey
  • Start with a pair of jeans that you cannot button and be able to button your jeans comfortably enough that you would wear them out in public on week 8


ALL winners will get a $100 gift card to Radiance Float and Wellness!!!! If you have never been to Radiance you are missing out. From floating to the infrared sauna and cryotherapy, they have so many wonderful services that help promote recovery and stress relief, which are key to your health.

Important Dates

September 23rd: Kickoff Meeting

September 23rd: Try on those jeans and beginning photo

September 23rd: Start of unlimited FIT Camps

Week of October 21st: Halfway jean try on and photo

Week of November 4th: 6 Week jean try on and photo

November 18th-20th: Final jean try on and photo

November 21st: Forward Fitness Thanksgiving 5-7pm