Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle Course Racing – or how we like to call it – OCR! If you are looking for something to train for or just want a fun challenge OCRs are for you. It’s a playground for adults where you get a big reward (the race) for all the hard work and training you completed.

One of our favorite things about OCRs is you can learn from each race. You may fail an obstacle, but with practice and dedication you can get it the next time. OCRs force you to grow and take you out of your comfort zone. We find this translates to life. Each time you challenge yourself it makes other events and obstacles in life easier to deal with.

You can rest assured you are in good hands and will have an OCR program that will build the necessary strength and skill set to take on an OCR! Not only did coach Suzanne place 13th (AG) in the 2019 Spartan World Championship, but she completed her World OCR certification! Coach Mike will be completing his World OCR certification in March and has been writing Suzanne’s programs for years!

Whether you are a novice or want to compete competitively, there’s a spot for you!

How will our 2020 season work?

We are so excited for this year! 2019 was a great year for the Forward Fitness OCR team and we know 2020 will be even better! In 2019 we competed in many locaol OCRs and took on some Spartan Races! In 2020, going off the demands of our current OCR team, we added the option to compete in a Spartan Trifecta (Sprint, Super, and Beast)!

This year we will have OCR practice from Janurary 4th through the beginning of November!

As of now, we will have practice at the following times:
Tuesday 6AM: Skill/Obstacle proficiency work
Tuesday 7AM: Run
Thursday 5:30PM*: Speed Work (Ryan Hummert or Tillis Park- depending on the season)
Saturday 8AM*: Hill Repeats (Art Hill)
*Times may be adjusted as the seasons change since these are outdoor workouts. We will meet rain or shine, unless there is lightening or severe weather.

Season Pass

Get accesss to all of the 2020 OCR training. This is great if you want to compete in multiple OCRs or continue to build obstacle skills and athleticism.

$47/month for members with an unlimited training membership or
$75/month for members with a limited training membership

When you sign up by January 4th you will get an OCR beanie and premium shirt!

6-Week Pass

Want to test the waters or train for one race. Get access to OCR training for 6 weeks leading up to your race.



Text/call us at 314-367-9273 to learn more!

2020 OCRs

Join the Forward Fitness OCR team as we make take on these races!

February 15th
Valentine’s Day Massacre (Hazelwood, MO)

May 30th
Spartan Sprint (Chicago, IL)

June 20th
Spartan Stadion- AT&T Stadium (Arlington, TX)

August 22nd/23rd
Spartan Sprint/Super (Fort Campbell, KY)

October 3rd/4th
Spartan Beast/Sprint (Attica, IN)

November 7th
Spartan Stadion- Wrigley Stadium (Chicago, IL)

*As local OCRs are announced we may add some to the list. Last year there was a Prison Break OCR in Jeffereson City as well as 2 more in Hazelwood.

Can’t make all of these or want to do a few different ones? Not a problem! We’ll work with you so you know when to taper!