Bags and Bells

Use the most efficient training tools to get the quickest results.

Kettlebells and sandbags may look intimidating, but with proper coaching they are safe and very effective tools! We’ve had countless members come to Bags & Bells nervous that it would be too hard or they might not be able to do it. These same members are now confident and feel like a bada** after their workout. See more of what are members say about their experience with Bags & Bells.

Kettlebell and sandbag training builds strength and endurance, with the potential to burn up to 1200 calories an hour. Whether you are beginning or more advanced with the kettlebell, we can modify the class to meet your needs. We have two RKC certified coaches and one HKC certified coach.

Kettlebell training is for you if you want to build muscle and power, improve grip strength, and burn fat. Each workout will leave you feeling like you made progress towards your goals.

PREREQUISITE: You must be able to do a kettlebell swing and get up. We go over these two movements in our Kettlebell 101.

In order to give you the best experience, we would love to meet with you one-on-one before you start training with a strategy session. You can text/call us at 314-367-9273 or click the green button to schedule.


Sunday – 8 AM

Thursday – 6 AM

Saturday – 10 AM

Kettlebell 101

The first Saturday of the month we break down the swing and get up. Whether you are learning these movements for the first time or you are looking to fine tune your form, this is a great class. We cap this at 4 people so we can give ample attention to each person.

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The Get Up

Coach Suzanne and Coach Mike go over the get up. It may seem complicated, but when you break it down it becomes a lot more manageable! If you are new to the get up, start without weight. Once you have the movement down try it while you balance your shoe on your fist. (Be sure…


7 Common Kettlebell Swing Mistakes

Kettlebell swings are a great bang for your buck exercise. They challenge your core, help develop power and strength, build cardiovascular strength, and pull grip strength.  While swings are great, when not done properly, you put yourself at risk for injury. It’s important to make sure the setup of your swing is correct. In case…


5 Common Mistakes When Setting Up a Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell swings are a great bang for your buck exercise. Not only are they great to burn fat and get a nice butt lift, but they are amazing for developing power and strength.  The set-up of your kettlebell swing can either set you up for success or put you at an increase risk of injury.   …


Bumps in the Road to Success

We all have experienced bumps in the road. This is especially true when working towards our health goals. Whether your goal is fat loss, building muscle, feeling better, or performance based, it is sure to come with its own set of obstacles.  At the beginning of 2018, I made the decision to become a “Beast…


Kettlebell Swing Breakdown Series

The Hinge We are breaking down the kettlebell swing! This is the first of 10 videos that will help you learn or refine the kettlebell swing. The most fundamental part of a good kettlebell swing is the hinge so that’s where we are starting. Without understanding how to hinge your swing will never reach it’s…


Kettlebells (It’s Workout Time at Forward Fitness)

We are so excited to share this video with you. May it bring you some cheer this holiday season and inspire a 2017 filled with lots of kettlebell swings! A special thanks to Steve and Ranya from Top Notch Violins for their musical accompaniment, Rachel McInnis for all her wonderful work putting this video together,…

Semi-Private Training

8 Reasons to Train with Kettlebells

Melt Fat–Kettlebells are a great tool to burn fat and build muscle. A recent study showed that kettlebells are one of the most efficient training routines, burning up to 20.3cal/min. That is an incredible 1200 calories an hour! Talk about a lot of bang for your buck! Shape the Butt –Have you checked yourself out in…


Get Up Get Down The Get Up Get Down is a great exercise and is actually practical. Think about how many times you get up and get down each day. Do you have kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews? If so, being able to get up off the floor with ease is important. See a few different progressions of this…
Turkish Get Up

Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is one of the best total body exercises as it helps to integrate every muscle in your body. It progresses from lying to standing with a kettlebell. Although, this movement should be completed perfectly several times without a weight before a kettlebell is added. You should be able to balance…


The Kettlebell Pull Under Watch Nick has he explains how to properly do the Kettlebell Pull Under
Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Snatch: The Best Total Body Exercise

The kettlebell snatch is the best total body exercise and my favorite kettlebell movement. There are few exercises that simultaneously increase your muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.  It requires explosive power as your hips thrust the kettlebell in the air. The movement starts as a one-arm kettlebell swing, but ends up overhead by way…

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