Body weight exercises are great when you are short on time, space, and equipment!


A tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You go back and forth between two exercises for 4 sets of each. After your fourth round, take a minute rest and start the next two exercises. Start at “station 1” and work your way through “station 4.” The idea is to go all out and really challenge yourself (at an appropriate level- you are the CEO of your own body) for the 20 seconds of work. If you are looking for an app that keep track of your time Seconds Pro and Interval Timer are good ones.

Tabatas 1
1. Drop Squat/Plank
2. Burpee/Dying Bug
3. Skater/ Bird Dog
4. Mountain Climber/Side Plank

Tabatas 2
1. Flutter Kick/Pledge Plank
2. Push Up/Hip Bridge
3. Lateral Lunge/Bear Hold
4. Sprint in Place/Balance with 1-Leg at 90

Core Complex

Spend 30 seconds on each movement with no rest until you finish the 6th exercise. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat three to four more times. If you can’t make it to 30 seconds, start with 15 and work your way up to 30.

Core Complex 1
1. Low Plank
2. Side Plank (Left)
3. Single Leg Hip Bridge (Left)
4. Low Plank
5. Side Plank (Right)
6. Single Leg Hip Bridge (Right)

Core Complex 2
1. Mountain Climber
2. Side Plank (Left)
3. Flutter Kick
4. Mountain Climber
5. Side Plank (Right)
6. Flutter Kick