Book Review: The Fitness Mindset by Brian Keane

This month I wanted to try to find a book about fitness. Maybe something with some good tips about nutrition and training. In order to try to find a book like this, I did something one should probably never do, I googled “best books about fitness”.  Of course, up popped a list of the top ten fitness books and The Fitness Mindset was the top book on the particular link that I clicked on. So I read it.  

The author of this book, Brian Keane, is a former teacher, turned fitness model, turned trainer. He is the author of 3 fitness books, he has a fitness podcast and social media presence.  He breaks the book down into 2 parts, fitness and mindset.  

In the fitness part of the book, he discusses, nutrition, supplements, sleep, alcohol and hydration and training.  In the mindset portion he covers, habits, finding your why, stress, anxiety, practical life tips and ten life lessons.  While there were some good ideas woven throughout the book, he also had some ideas I wasn’t too sure about. 

When it comes to supplements, I think there are probably times when you want to take them, but personally I would get the advice of a doctor or a nutritionist like Suzanne before deciding if and when supplements would be beneficial.  His discussion of alcohol just felt off to me and this is coming from someone who enjoys her cocktails. It just felt like he was advocating alcohol use and I’m just not sure how that really fits into a conversation about fitness. 

I liked the nutrition part of the book as he described the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, in some good detail. The mindset section of the book presents a little bit of information about a lot of topics.  He doesn’t go into any great detail about any of them which makes for a fast read. 

Overall, there is some good information in this book and if you are looking for a quick overview of fitness and mindset you could start with this book.  I personally would not recommend it as I think there are better resources for what you might find in this book.  I think having a conversation with Mike or Suzanne about fitness and nutrition would be more informative than taking the time to read this book.  

I will continue to search for a good book about fitness and hopefully find one that I think would be worth recommending to you in the future.  As always if you know of any feel free to send those titles my way.

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