December Member Spotlight: Ed Albin

We are very happy to feature Ed Albin as our December Member Spotlight.  Ed and his wife Nicole have been active members of Forward Fitness for many years. Participating in challenges, the OCR team and almost all our extra events.  I enjoyed getting to know Ed a little better this fall when I had the opportunity to walk with him on our Castlewood hike. His consistency and dedication to his workouts really shows in all his accomplishments.

Ed had this to say about why health and fitness are important to him.  “Health and Fitness is important to me for many reasons.  My wife and I enjoy living an active lifestyle.  We like to do a lot of outdoor hikes, long jogs, and a lot of traveling.  Being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle allows me to do the activities. In 2019 my wife and I hiked Table Mountain in South Africa thanks to all the training at the gym we accomplished this!” 

Ed and Nicole joined Forward Fitness with a recommendation of some friends. “We did a trial week and enjoyed how the coaches pushed you to the next level”, said Ed. “Mike and Suzanne were a great support system and allowed us to achieve our physical goals over the years!”.

When asked about challenges that he has faced Ed says, “A few years ago I continued to go up in pant sizes. I knew it was time to make a change. I joined the challenge the drop two pant size challenge and joined the OCR team. This allowed me to drop over 25 pounds”.  On the flip side Ed had this to say about things that he is proud of, “Some accomplishments that I’m most excited about is being able to lose 50 pounds and maintain it.  Also, being able to go up in weights in several exercises.  Finally, last year I completed my first Spartans Trifecta.” 

On why fitness is important to him, Ed has this to say, “Fitness will be a part of my life for the years to come. Being able to workout at different times of the day to get around a busy schedule.  Achieving new goals, training for Spartan races, and having a great group of coaches and members to cheer you on along the way keeps me moving in the right direction!” 

Ed would give this advice to anyone thinking about adding a fitness routine to their lives, “I’d tell everyone there is no reason not to add fitness in your everyday life. It will enrich your life in all aspects.”

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