7 Tips to a Healthy Holiday Season (It’s not what you think!)

We are in the mist of the holiday season. It can be easy to let the craze of the hustle and bustle of the holidays take over. It can leave us feeling stressed, drained, and with no holiday cheer. Try out these tips to prevent getting swept up! 

  1. Pause and make intentional decisions. After a cue and before a decision there is a space. Remember to pause in this space and breathe in through your noise and out through your mouth before making a decision. This can help us become more aware and present. Instead of grabbing a cookie because we are mad at something a relative said, pause. When you feel stress or anxiety coming pause. In that pause we can become aware of why we want to grab a cookie. Instead of grabbing the cookie out of emotion, we can address the comment, leave the room, or choose a healthier way to address the situation. Or, if you really want a cookie, you can enjoy the cookie guilt free!
  2. Set boundaries. You don’t have to do everything! Don’t give, give, give, until you have nothing left. It’s okay to say no or buy a store bough pie or skip an event. This also means with work. It’s better to give 100% in your work 60% of your time than 60% in your work 100% of your time. This comes from creating distraction free work zones and stetting boundaries for yourself. You deserve to have free time in the evening. You will find that by giving yourself “time off” you will actually think better and be more productive during your work hours.
  3. Fill your cup. What are you doing to keep your cup full? Where do you get your energy? What makes you feel good/healthy/strong? Are you making sure to do these things and get rest as needed. Getting enough sleep, drinking half your weight in ounces of water, including protein and veggies in your meal choices, and taking time to do your favorite holiday traditions are just a few examples. 
  4. Practice a daily gratitude. I know I may sound like a broken record if you have read my other articles, but that’s how important this is. By practicing gratitude we are training our brain to look for the good and positives. Many of our jobs require us to look for what’s wrong and from a survival perspective we look for danger or what’s wrong. It’s important to train our gratitude muscle. Gratitude doesn’t have to be big either. It could be having access to hot/cold water, a washer/dryer, a dishwasher…, or having certain people in your life. Be sure to take a moment to think about what you are thankful for each day. Bonus points if you write it down and/or tell someone if you feel gratitude towards a person.
  5. Be intentional with what you consume. Health is more than the food we consume. It is also the content we consume including friends, family, co-workers,  music, books, Instagram, and Facebook to name a few. Is the content you are consuming helping you with your goals and mindset? If not, what would you like to work on?
  6. Be present. With phones that double as computers, it is easy to constantly be side tracked. Do you find yourself watching TV AND scrolling on your phone? Do you find yourself reaching for your phone when you get stuck on a problem at work? Do you scroll on your phone while eating dinner? Try focusing on a single task. If you are working, put your phone in another room or at least far out of reach and sight. If you are relaxing on the couch with friends/family or enjoying a movie put your phone away. Be present in your work and home life. You can get so much more accomplished at work and enjoy your off-time so much more when you are fully present. 
  7. Give yourself grace. No one is perfect. If you get off track, acknowledge it and then get back on track. One off-decision is not going to ruin your progress. It is one off-decision followed by another and another and another. Don’t beat yourself up. If what you say to yourself, you would not say to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself. Be kind to yourself, learn from obstacles, and move on. 

May your holiday season be filled with intentional decisions, happiness, love, and cheer! 

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