August Member Spotlight: Kim Grana

We are very excited to profile Kim Grana as our Forward Fitness member spotlight for August.  Kim’s consistency and friendly nature make her a valued member of the 5AM Fit Camps and OCR group. Her hard work and competitive spirit have really shown in her OCR competitions this year. 

Kim grew up in St. Louis and has spent most of her life here. She has raised five kids and has 4 grandkids that she loves spending time with. Currently Kim works as a Nurse practitioner and feels that she practices what she preaches to her patients when it comes to a healthier lifestyle and the benefits of exercise. Kim says, “I have always been very active and on the go. I have played sports of some sort for most of my life including aerobics in the 80’s or whatever was trending. My hobbies can be whatever interest me at the time, I will try anything, especially if it is outdoors. I love crafts and being crafty, hanging out with friends, gardening, and yard work. My free time now is spent with my grandkids. We love to be outdoors, and they think it is a blast to set up all kinds of obstacle courses.” 

Health and fitness have always been important to Kim.  She was raised in a home where nutrition was important so healthy eating for the most part was just taken for granted. Growing up she also had to walk or ride her bike if she wanted to go somewhere. “Luckily, I love the outdoors so any time I can be outside I am happy. I am also very competitive so whenever there is any type of game or competition, I get very excited.” When it comes to making health and fitness an important part of her life she says, “I feel so much better when I work out both mentally and physically. I now realize that if I didn’t stay fit, I would not be able to do so much with my grandkids.”

Kim joined Forward Fitness 3 years ago after she saw her friend Linda Fernandez-Najbart posting things about her gym that she thought were things that she would really enjoy and now she is “totally addicted”.  While there have been many challenges throughout the last three years. Kim has conquered many and still working on several.  Completing OCR races was a big challenge that was on her bucket list. She is most proud of finishing a Beast (OCR Spartan Race). “It was very challenging and took long hours of training so sticking with that made me feel good. As good as you feel though you always feel like you can do better.”

Kim would give this advice to anyone thinking about adding a fitness routine to their lives, “Pick a fitness routine that fits your needs and that you enjoy. If you don’t look forward to it, you will dread it and likely not last. Having people with the like mind set as you help to motivate you each day to get out and exercise. I start each day at the gym, and it sets the mood for the rest of the day.”   She adds, “Forward Fitness has been more than just a gym for me. It is my guaranteed happy place. I have made so many great friends and feel that it is truly a second family.” 

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