Top 5 Highlights from 2021

2021 has at times felt like the lost year. We are not back to normal, but we still have so much to be thankful for in 2021. Check out some of our favorite moments in 2021.

Forward Fitness Summer BBQ: This was our first gym gathering since COVID! We were so excited to grill out and enjoy spending time with our Forward Fam.

OCR team completed a Trifecta: In 2020 the OCR team made the goal to complete a Spartan Trifecta! However, races were canceled. Our team stayed committed and was able to use that year to keep training. In 2021 we chose our races, but they were cancelled. We had to adapt and choose another set of races. The determination, support, and drive of this team is amazing! We can’t wait to see what they will take on in 2022!

Coach Cati became a certified Pre & Post Natal Coach: As a mom (of twins) herself, Coach Cati has a special interest in how pregnancy changes the body, coaching women safely throughout their pregnancy, and helping them as they transition back to the gym postpartum.

Forward Fitness Thanksgiving: It may have been one of the coldest days of the year, but we all bundled up and were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with our Forward Fam at Deer Creek Park. Instead of Turkey we had hot dogs and bruats. Members out did themselves bringing delicious hot chocolate, coffee, cookie cake, casseroles, and more! We are so thankful for each and every member!

Coach Mike got the Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification: Continuing education is a huge priority for Coach Mike. As our main program designer, he is constantly looking for ways to make the training at Forward Fitness the best.

We are so excited for 2022 and look forward continuing to make Forward Fitness a place where people come for the community, training knowledge, and fun!

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