August Member Spotlight

Our August Member Spotlight Is Ann Jacobs.  I absolutely love participating in Fit Camps with Ann because of the energy that she brings into the room.  You can’t help but smile when you get to that last round and hear her chant of “one more round!”  That always helps me push just a little harder. Ann brings that same energy to everything that she does, and she is one busy lady!

Ann has always been active and played sports (soccer, basketball, softball) growing up and she did triathlons in her twenties. As she got older, she started playing ice hockey and soccer and gave up the triathlons. And she continued running. She ran two marathons ten years apart and got faster. She has also run numerous half marathons and countless 5 and 10Ks.  Prior to Covid she decided to take on a big challenge and signed up for a half ironman race. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in 2020 but took place on June 27, 2021.  

Originally Ann joined Forward Fitness to help her get ready for a hiking trip to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. She continues for the whole-body commitment to wellness that Forward Fitness offers.  Ann states that “before Forward Fitness, I was active but without mindfulness.” Health and fitness are important to her because in order to continue to do fun and exciting things as she gets older, she knows that she needs a body that can move along with a mind that can move with it.

Injuries and sweets are Ann’s biggest challenges.  For both she says that it takes time and a mental fortitude to overcome them. “Forward Fitness has helped me a ton with my mental game. Reframing things so that it’s not a everything is lost mentality because of a setback. As long as you keep trying that is the biggest thing.”

Fitness has been a big part of Ann’s life because as she says, “if I’m not moving, I’m probably sleeping”. She likes to stay busy and has friends that also like to do crazy things and encourage her to do them as well. She loves coming to Forward Fitness because of the trainers and the other people in the classes. “Everyone is so friendly and fun.”

Ann’s most proud of finishing the Steelhead Half Ironman. She ran into unpredictable weather, had some issues with her bike and cramping but she finished!  But of course, she isn’t done signing up for challenges. Her next one is in January when she will run a 5K, 10K, half marathon and a marathon all in four days

Her advice to someone considering adding a fitness routine to their lives is, “Just do it. Don’t wait until such and such a time to start. There is no perfect time like the present. And small things add up to big results.”

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