5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Day!

Time is precious and it’s often the thing people wish they had more of. While yes, sometimes there isn’t enough hours in the day, more often we are not spending our time efficiently.  Check out the following tips to get more out of your day! 

Use a planner! I personally love a written planner, but an electronic one will work too. This can give you a bird’s eye view of your day. You know when you have appointments and meetings and can list out to-dos for the day. Look at it at the beginning of each day and as you wrap up your day. 

Have a focus of the day. What one to three priorities do you want to complete? Be sure to write this in your planner. You can either start your day by identifying these tasks or you can write them out at the close of the previous day. Knowing what you want to accomplish will help to decrease mindless scrolling and keep you focused. You can fill in any extra time with the little to-dos. It’s amazing how much more you can complete in a day when you have a focus and game plan! 

Schedule time to check your email (and social media). It’s common to keep your email open while working on other tasks. Every time a new email pops up you stop what you’re doing and look at the new email. You may answer it or you may read it and then save it for later. This is a constant interruption to your work. Keep your email tab closed and check it at designated times. 

Keep your cell phone out of eyesight and reach. It is easy to grab your phone any time you are stuck with work or are waiting for something to load. Instead of thinking through the issue or just continuing your work, you mindlessly reach for your phone and start scrolling on social media. You end up wasting 15 minutes and are stuck with the same problem. I have been guilt of this plenty of times. It’s amazing when your phone is out of eyesight and reach it is not a distraction anymore. Do this even when you are not working!

Do a time audit! Choose 1-2 days and write down what you are doing in 30-minute increments. It was definitely an eye opener the first time I did this. You may be surprised at how you spend your time!

What tip will you try first?!

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