Let’s Get Outside!

Spring is here! It is so great to feel the warmth of the sun and see buds on trees and flowers popping up! You can’t help but want to get outside.


The good news is, there are so many benefits to enjoying the great outdoors! You may notice your mood and focus improve as start spending more time outside. One reason is that sunlight helps to keep serotonine, our feel good hormone, levels up!

Also, sunlight is a great way to get vitamin D, which is linked to so many health benefits. To make sure you can get some vitamin D from the sun, spend a little time (5-15 minutes) outside before putting on sunscreen.

Another awesome thing sunlight can do is to help adjust/sync our Circadian Rhythm to daylight. If you have been having trouble falling asleep try spending 2-10 minutes outside in the morning. The sooner you can get out there after you wake you the better.

In addition to the sunlight, plants also help to make the outdoors so beneficial in so many ways. They release airborne chemicals called phytonzides that can help improve our immune system and decrease stress.

There are so many more benefits to spending time outside, but let’s jump to some ways to enjoy the outdoors!


Hikes What a great way to see some amazing views, move, and experience nature! Some of my favorite nearby parks with great trails are Castlewood and Queeny Park, but there are so many in the St. Louis area! In you are up for about an hour drive Cuivre River State Park has lots of trails of varying lengths.

Picnics Whether you stay in your backyard or pack some food and hike to a great view, enjoying a meal outside can be a nice change of pace. 

Backyard Games Let’s swap out the board games and puzzles for some great outdoor games you can play in your own backyard.  Spikeball. Croquet, badminton, cornhole, washers, Bocce ball, Kubb, and Pickle Ball are some fun ones!

Kid Focused Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sprinklers, pools, playgrounds are all fun for kids and you will probably enjoy yourself too!

Meditation If you are someone who meditates, on a nice day, take it outside! 

Parks Parks can offer some great outdoor experiences. Of course with COVID follow the appropriate guidelines. You can play pickle ball, volleyball, tennis and more!

Outdoor Workout Pop out to your backyard, go to your favorite park, or join in an outdoor class and move your body! You can even time your workout to see a gorgeous sunrise or sunset! This could also mean a walk, run, or trail tun!

I’d love to hear what your favorite outdoor activities are!

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