Create a Support System: Don’t go it alone!

Support systems are great! What if we created a support system to help us reach our goals and accomplish things we never thought possible? What if we were a little more intentional with the people we allowed to take up the majority of our time? Yes, we must take ownership of our choices, but why not stack the deck in our favor by creating a thoughtful support system. 

A support system can look different for everyone. For some it is a friend with the same goal or a coach. For others it is a group with the same overall goals like a smaller gym, club, or team. It can be a virtual group like a Facebook group or Zoom meetings. It can even be a combination! 

Why not benefit from the perks of a support system?

Accountability– The outside accountability of a coach, friend, or group can help us hold ourselves more accountable. It’s easy for us to set a goal and then not think about for a few weeks, but when you are checking in with others regularly you are first forced to check in with yourself. On those days when our motivation isn’t very high and we want to skip our workout, knowing that others are counting on seeing us in the gym (or on a live stream) or the fact that we will have to admit we skipped our workout because we didn’t feel like it, can give us that little nudge to get it in. I personally know that I don’t want to fill in my training log that I missed a workout. I know someone is looking at it and will ask why I didn’t do my assigned workout. 

Tips, Ideas, and Knowledge– If we are embarking on a new goal, chances are we don’t know everything about reaching that goal. When there are members in that group who have already reached that goal or are farther along you can learn from them. A coach can work with you to create a plan. A friend or member of your group can give you tips of how they overcame an obstacle or share a healthy recipe. The experience of others can give you insight and possibly help you skip some common setbacks.

Motivation/Inspiration– It’s important to find that internal motivation or driving force, but by working with others you can also gain some external motivation. As a coach I am inspired and motivated by members all the time. We have people who drive over an hour to train multiple days a week. We have people who are just starting out and come with a positive, can-do attitude. We have people who don’t get a movement right in the beginning and say it’s okay, I know I’ll get it. We have people who have recently had babies and are back in the gym. We have people who never miss their workouts and show up ready to work. We have people who encourage one another and go out of their way to check in on someone. We see people who have changed their lives, reached their initial goals, and are now working towards a bigger goal. I could go on and on. My point is, I get to see this and I use it as encouragement to my own training and goals. When you are part of a group you can see it’s possible to work through challenges. It’s possible to reach goals. There is proof all around you. 

Support and Encouragement– Let’s face it, working towards a goal is not all sunshine and rainbows. There will be times when you don’t feel like working towards it. There may be times when you feel like you are not making the progress you wish to make. If you are going at it alone, it is easier to just quit. You will miss out on the support and the opportunity for others to help you. Chances are someone else in that group has gone through something similar and can help reignite that drive. You will also have people who will cheer you on and celebrate your wins. 

Elevate Yourself– Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Why not be part of a group that will challenge you? A group that is a little outside your comfort zone because they have already made progress or reached the goal(s) you are working towards. By being part of a group where others are faster, lift more, are more consistent, cook at home… you are far more likely to go that direction. 

The key is to find a support system with qualities you like and/or want to gain. James Clear the author of Atomic Habits, talks about surrounding yourself with people where your desired behavior is their norm and I couldn’t agree more. Go find your group! If you need one that is focused on health, growth, and community we’d love for you to be part of our Forward Fam! 

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