Being Active with the Kids

I am a big believer in being outdoors with the twins. They love to be outside, their little minds get to explore and they learn all sorts of new things each time we make it outside. But, there are times where the weather isn’t always on our side and we need to find an alternative. Here is a list of some places that we visit pretty frequently and always have a positive and fun atmosphere. These are also places that I can take the kids during the week when I have them by myself. They are easy to navigate and I can always have the twins in my sight. 

Hiking– Missouri has some amazing trails and beautiful scenery. However, when you have little ones, I like to keep smaller trails in mind. Here are a few places in the area to keep in mind. Some of the trails are paved and some are wood chips, but still very walkable.

  • Laumier Sculpture Park– This has shorter trail options for the little ones that are exploring with you.
  • Emmenegger Park– This one has more paved trails if getting muddy is not your thing.
  • Powder Valley Nature Reserve– This also has a great indoor option if weather is       questionable. The trails are paved, but a little difficult on some of them if you have a stroller, so walking would probably be your better option.
  • Claire Gempp Davidson Memorial Conservation Area– The trail on this one has wood chips, but leads to an awesome little pond with lots of wildlife and a bridge. We did take our BOB stroller on this and it was fine.

Grandma’s Room– A very clean and friendly atmosphere. It’s basically a large room with all of your playing needs. You can buy snacks there and my favorite, you can bring in your coffee to drink while the kids play. We went on a binge with Grandma’s room because it is one of the easier places to take the twins and I can have my eye on both of them at all times. 

Urban Fort– This place has food and beverages for purchase while the kids can dress up and play with trains, or slide down the big slide.

County Library– There are lap times, music and motion, and art class. The twins love the Oak Bend location. The great thing is that there are mostly the same parents and kids there each week.

History Museum– This is a great FREE indoor option for the kids that you can spend an hour or two at. It is getting a little harder as the twins get older because they want to explore different things, but still pretty open space.

St Louis Zoo– It’s a great option when the weather is nice. Always a great option to get your season pass here for when it is nice out for the train.

Museum of Transportation– The Creation Ctation is awesome here. One big room with a ton of toys and arts and crafts. 

The Frisco Train Store– I love supporting small businesses and this is one of our favorites. It has quite a few train tables and a little play kitchen area as well. There are also items you can purchase to help support small business while you are there. We usually like to pick a little something out when there since it is FREE to come play.

The Botanical Gardens– Great to just let the kids run and explore. It’s always fun to feed the koi fish. There is also a children’s outdoor play area.

The St. Louis Aquarium– I haven’t done this one by myself yet because there are a few places where the kids can run out of my sight and it is kind of dark. We purchased a season pass and you get your money’s worth if you visit twice, which we have already done.

What are some of your favorite places to take the kiddos??

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