12 Travel Workouts

Travel can make working out more of a challenge. Whether you pack bands with you, use the hotel gym, or prefer to do bodyweight workouts on the road, we got you covered!

Remember you are the CEO of your own body. That means you know if you feel pain with a movement, aren’t challenging yourself, or are pushing yourself too hard. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. For example, if you have shoulder pain, don’t press overhead. If your feel knee pain with your squats don’t work through it. Get it checked out. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

At Forward Fitness we always start with a RAMP! (Range of motion Activation Movement Prep) We are getting the body ready for a great workout!

Do 5 of each.
Supine Breathing
Hip Lifts
Leg Lowering
Side Lying Windmill
1/2 Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
Squat to Stand

Pick your category of workout and then choose one of the four workouts under each category!

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