Babies, Sleep, Eat… Repeat

In whatever order it may fall into your day, babies, sleep, eat, repeat is basically what your day consists of when being a mother. Somehow your days and weeks all roll into one and you get stuck in this whirlwind of repetitiveness. May it be that you sleep more one day, you skip a meal (or two) the next or you have the most wonderful day of the week and your baby decides that they want to sleep through the night, halleluyah!! But most importantly those babies will come first and it is the most rewarding job you will ever have in your entire life.

Unfortunately there are other things that fall to the wayside in this rollercoaster of life. One thing that I missed the most after pregnancy was the consistency of working out. I’m sorry, did you say consistency and working out in the same sentence??? Yes, yes I did! These are the two things that I find myself struggling with even 7 months post pregnancy.

While stuck in the same babies, sleep, eat routine with twins, so many times I found myself in weird positions trying to feed two babies at once. Or holding one baby to feed while the other one is sleeping and I can’t move because heaven forbid that one baby wakes up. But the one thing I kept on noticing was the fact that I was sore. Sore??, Yes, sore from doing absolutely nothing. I was sore from not moving!

Once I got the twins into more of a schedule, I slowly found myself finding more me time. Let me tell you, one of the last things I felt like doing during that me time was working out, until I did. It may have only been twenty minutes or twenty minutes with a few runs to the nursery to rock a baby back to sleep, but it was twenty minutes. I could get a great breathing session with a  RAMP in with some turkish gets ups and kettlebell swings. It may have not been much but it was a great start to the beginning of my so called consistency of working out.

My soreness and stiffness from not moving started to decrease and I found myself with so much more energy and drive. Me not moving and staying active was my push to want to stay healthy and keep moving so that I can get up and down off the floor (hello turkish get ups) with the babies and to be able to comfortably get into positions that I normally wouldn’t just to keep a baby from walking up.

So, if you are pregnant or expecting or maybe just had the most wonderful gift of life come into this world, do yourself and those babies a favor. Take your me time and STAY ACTIVE,  KEEP MOVING. Your babies, body and yourself deserve it and you will absolutely, in no way, ever regret it!

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Margie Saulkareply
January 17, 2019 at 3:10 pm

This is excellent advice. A baby is only as happy as his mommy, so always take care of yourself. Your many photos definitely illustrate this.

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