5 Tips to Handle Events When You Don’t Have Control Over the Food Being Served

By: Suzanne Klaus RD, LD

It is so easy to go to a party, wedding, or work event and leave feeling stuffed, lethargic, and disappointed in how we handled our food choices. We have every intention of making healthy choices to support our goals, but that goes out the window after we have stuffed ourselves with appetizers. Suzanne discusses five tips that will help you navigate an event where you do not have a choice over the food being served.

It is important that you know WHY you want to make healthy choices at the event and beyond. If you have not thought about that, then it is very unlikely that any number of tips will help you through the event. But, if you have identified your driving force and follow Suzanne’s tips you will have a recipe for success!

Tell us about some events where you were successful. We would also love to hear questions. Maybe you have an upcoming event. Comment below and Suzanne would be happy to help!

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