Dumbbell Workouts- Great for Travel

Dumbbells are a pretty standard piece of exercise equipment. They are the one item hotel workout rooms are sure to stock. We all know you can press dumbbells. But, how do you create a total body workout with dumbbells? Knowing how to create a great workout while traveling, whether it’s for work or fun can be the hardest part. Have you ever walked into a gym and then just walked out because you didn’t know what to do? Or, maybe you stayed and put together a haphazard workout. Our goal is to give you the tools to be successful even when you are not in the gym. Mike created two great total body workouts you can do with only dumbbells. You can take the guess work out and get a great workout!

Dumbell Workout A is pretty straight forward. It covers the basics and gets you in and out in no time.

Dumbbell Workout B is a great unilateral workout. That means it works one side of the body at a time (left vs. right). Think about it. In life we are always doing things unilaterally. We walk (or run) with one foot in front of the other.

Enjoy your workouts! Let us know what you think and how you are staying active on the road.

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