Progress Your Push Up

For many individuals, being able to do a push up from the floor is a huge accomplishment. However, it is a goal that may require some work outside the gym.

Setting Up Proper Form

Before you begin to work on your push up you need to be able to do a plank in good form. This means if you placed a stick on your back, your head, upper back, and butt would all be touching the stick.

Setting up your push up in good form is crucial.  If your set up is not correct, you are starting your push up with a disadvantage. Once you are set up correctly, good form throughout the push up is key.

Poor form can lead to pain and/or injury. It is better to do fewer push ups in good form than to continue in poor form.

Different Push Up Progressions

Watch the video below to learn what you can do at home to get to a perfect your push up

Enjoy  seeing your core and arm strength improve!

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