5 Steps to Perfectly Cut Peppers

Learn how to cut a pepper without wasting bites and pieces. It is easy, efficient, and very practical. Remember your knife safety skills as you are cutting. A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one.  Be sure the hand that is on the pepper should look like a claw, with your fingers perpendicular to the pepper.

Step 1– Cut around the upper perimeter of the pepper.

Pepper sliced around the top.


Step 2-  Use your hand to remove upper the top part of the pepper. Pull out center stem and seeds.

Pepper with seeds removed.


Step 3- Cut off the bottom portion of the pepper and cut through one side of the middle section of the pepper.

Pepper ready to cut.


Step 4- Gently press the pepper into the cutting board and slice into strips.

Pepper slices.


Step 5- Enojy with some hummus, guacamole, or as part of a stri fry, or salad.

Pepper Stir Fry


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