Getting Back to the Gym

Back to the GymWe are starting to notice that the days are once again getting shorter. The chaos of barbeques, vacations, and float trips is winding down. School is about it start. Summer is drawing to a close making August the perfect time to get back into a healthy routine.

It is very easy to lose track of your health in the summer. I mean why not, you had a beach vacation, acted as chauffer for your kids to and from the pool and countless little league games, and appeared at your families’ and friends’ barbeques. Skipping out on the gym, over eating, and/or overindulging in sweets and alcohol could have easily been pushed to the side. But, your health can’t stop just because of summer. The cycle has to continue or start again. Before you know it fall and winter will be here along with holidays and treats and soon after spring a summer again. Will you be prepared? Start now. You don’t have to go all in right away. Just start doing something. Make sure that you can set time aside to plan your week.

Planning seems to be a word that, when it comes to fitness, gets lost in the noise. People want things now. Well the most successful people get their ‘now’ by planning for it. What are you going to do to plan for it? One of the best quotes I’ve heard was from a colleague of mine. He said, “Next year’s beach body is built this winter.” Building takes time. Get that plan set.

Sometimes getting back in the gym after a good long summer can be tough. You feel sluggish from all the sleeping in and greasy food you may have eaten. One of the best places to start is to try and reset that internal clock. Start going to bed at a decent time for the prime seven to nine hours of sleep and things can start to fall back into place. Once you have that set then start to attack the nutrition side of things and get back in the gym. It can be hard to hit the ground running sometimes, so remember the small changes make a difference.

With the summer ending it’s time to get back into the gym. Make a plan and set goals. Start your summer 2016 training now. Get back to the choosing healthy foods and start getting regular sleep. All of this can help jump start you back into health for the upcoming fall and winter and eventually spring and summer months. Back to School? Back to the gym!!

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