New Year New YOU!

“A year from now you will wish you had started TODAY!” -Karen Lamb

A new year is here and full of possibilities! You only need to decide what you what to accomplish. It can be a daunting task to figure out what you need to do to get the results you want. Forward Fitness is here with our New Year New YOU program to help make 2018 your healthiest year yet! We want you to look back over 2018 and feel excited, proud, and amazed at what you have accomplished.

If you’re ready to take the next step and make 2018 your year, fill out our application.

New Year New YOU Application



Our New Year New YOU is is focused on setting you up for success. It’s not another diet to start and then stop or workout you hate doing. It’s a lifestyle change, a mindset change, a support system.

What exactly is New Year New YOU?

It’s a challenge, a jump start into the new year and new YOU that involves CASH prizes!

The great news is you get to do this as a team! Choose 2 other people. They can be your friends, family, or co-workers. (At least one person must be new to Forward Fitness as of January 1, 2018.) Not only will you have the support of the Forward Fitness coaches, but you will start the challenge with the additional support of your teammates!

During the 8- week challenge:

  • You will have access to unlimited FIT Camps! These fun and motivating group workouts are personalized to fit each person’s fitness level and take into account past or current injuries. Prior fitness knowledge is not expected. We will teach you everything you need to know!
  • You will receive a nutrition plan that won’t leave you hungry! You’ll know what foods to choose so you will have plenty of options.
  • You will receive access to a secret Facebook group where you can ask questions and get even more support.

At the end of the 8-week challenge, you will have lost fat and inches and gained muscle giving your team a shot at the prize money!


Apply Now

Determining the Winners

The total team percent change in measurements from the waist, belly button, and hips will determine the winners.

Sum of inches lost from all 3 teammates from waist, belly button, and hips / Sum of the beginning measurements from all 3 teammates x 100 = Judging team number

Sum of inches lost from individual from waist, belly button, and hips / Sum of beginning measurements of individual from waist, belly button, and hips x 100 = Judging individual number

Prize Break Down

$3,000 will be awards to the 1st place team ($1,000/teammate)

$1,000 will be awarded to the 1st place female and male

Our New Year New YOU starts January 29! If you are ready, fill out the application.

New Year New YOU Application

What are people saying about Forward Fitness?

“I cannot tell you how great I feel. Forward Fitness is the place that got me to like working out and sticking with it.” – Denise Golden

“Here are some things that I love about Fit Camp classes:
1. They are in a safe environment – it’s indoors (I’m fairly intolerant to heat and prone to almost passing out) & there’s a rubber floor (SO much better for your feet and joints)
2. They have amazing playlists of music. It usually varies in style.
3. The teachers seriously watch out for your form. They TRULY want you to do things in a way that doesn’t injure you. So many gyms say they care about your form but don’t correct it when they see you doing it wrong. So expect to get some little tips in a totally friendly way. Also, if you have any injuries you can tell them. I sometimes have to ask for modifications because of a previous injury and it’s not a big deal.
4. They have lots of class time options. And you can sign up online. Love.
5. The classes are 45 minutes. Heck, if I can break a good sweat – swell up some muscles, and be in a better mood (hello endorphins) in 45 minutes – I’ll take it.

It’s smaller and more personal than the typical big meat market gym. And being “personal” doesn’t mean that it’s awkward either, because it’s not. It’s friendly 🙂 If you like people knowing your name, people smiling at you, and people caring about your fitness journey – it’s here.” -Leah Casey

“I love this place for so many reasons.. most obvious ..the great workouts.. the programs/fit camps are frequently switched so you are constantly learning and growing in your own set of fitness skills and it’s not monotonous!!! Also lots of class times and flexibility for my schedule!

The trainers are awesome.. they are educated..and are constantly at workshops or providing workshops for us!!! I have learned how to breathe correctly.. who knew that was a thing?! I have been dealing with a back injury for 2 years and have gotten nothing but support and motivation.. and they modify the workouts but still push me forward even when I’m ready to stop. It’s truly about making you a fit, healthy person mentally and physically.

The welcoming sense of community… all age ranges and athletic abilities.. and absolutely no judgement .. within your first few workouts you will feel like you have been there for years! So great!

So besides the above mentioned reasons the gym itself is super clean and bright and inviting! So I give it all the stars and highly recommend checking it out!” -Johanna Mertensmeyer


Spring Forward with Fitness Challenge- Lose Inches Win Cash


Are you looking to make lasting changes to your health? What about a place where you will thrive? Join our Spring Forward with Fitness Challenge to lose inches and win cash prizes! Train in a gym with a fun, team oriented, positive environment, and gain confidence, move better, feel better, and live better.

Current Members: $149.99

Non-Members: $249.99


Price Includes

8 Weeks of UNLIMITED FIT Camp ($418 Value)

Weekly Nutrition/Wellness Meetings ($120 Value)

Challenge T-Shirt ($20 Value)

Current Members will also get 2 Semi-Private Training Sessions ($120 Value)


Facebook Accountability Group

Delicious Nutritious and Easy Recipes



Winners will be chosen by percent inches lost from their around their waist, belly button, and hips. Half of all entry fees will go in a pot for the cash prize!

1st Place: 50% of the pot

2nd Place: 30% of the pot

3rd Place: 20% of the pot


Dates to Remember

March 31st: LAST DAY to sign up

April 4th: Start of UNLIMITED FIT Camps

April 4th-7th: Beginning Measurements

April 5th: Nutrition Meeting #1

April 11th: Nutrition Meeting #2

April 18th: Nutrition Meeting #3

April 25th: Nutrition Meeting #4

May 2nd: Nutrition Meeting #5

May 9th: Nutrition Meeting #6

May 16th: Nutrition Meeting #7

May 23rd: Nutrition Meeting #8

May 25th-27th: Ending Measurements

May 27th: Last day of UNLIMITED FIT Camp

May 31st: Spring BBQ 6:30-8:30PM Winners of the challenge will be announced

Invited your friends and family to join the challenge with you! Don’t wait for the perfect time to make a change.