OCR Training for the Guardian Battle

Looking for a reason to train, for something that will help push you harder in your workouts? Join the Forward Fitness OCR Team to take on the Guardian Battle on May 4th. Don’t worry, it should be warmer than our last OCR!

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We are kicking off training on March 12th! We will have 3 OCR specific training sessions each week.

Tuesday: 6am Art Hill

Thursday: 6am/6pm-TBD Tillis Park (Brentwood location)

Saturday: 8am Forward Fitness group OCR training


We are getting some fun new equipment especially for OCR training including an 8-foot wall & atlas stone. We will also be going over foot holds for rope climbing and other obstacle techniques.


Investment includes the 3x/week OCR training sessions, 1 group visit to Kor Komplex (date TBD), and a Forward Fitness OCR shirt!


Members: $97

Non-members: $397



OCR Training for the Valentine’s Day Massacre

Need a reason to train or that extra push to get you to the gym during these cold dark months? Join our OCR team! We will be racing in the Valentine’s Day Massacre OCR on February 16th!

Training begins January 5th. We will train twice a week:

  • Tuesdays at 6am (Art Hill): Run
  • Saturdays at 8am (Forward Fitness): OCR Workout and Run

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What did people say about their OCR experience this past summer?

“I just couldn’t believe I did it! I’m “not a race person” — HOW was it possible that I accomplished this torture test and actually had FUN?! I was shocked that I did so well, I was close to placing – a big motivator to do this again and push even harder. I was amazed, so excited and ready to sign-up for another one! I’m still on cloud 9, it was a rush, a high and a real bonding moment – I’ll forever be proud of the amazing team of people who crossed that finish line in 2018 before me, with me and after me! We truly did it together! I loved that throughout the race, I could see my team all over the course doing well. It made me so proud to be a part of the FF OCR TEAM!” -Aubrey M.

“I felt very well prepared for the race, but having never done one before, it’s hard to understand what it will be like before you do it. I was so glad that I did it and felt very accomplished. I had a healthy mix of pushing myself so I was tired at the end, but also pacing myself enough to complete everything.” -Kate L.

We would love to have you on our team!

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2018 Top 10 List

Our 4th year was a memorable one, to say the least! Just look!

1.Our #ForwardFam coaching crew grew. In April Coach Cory joined the Forward Fitness team! He has grown so much as a coach and has added another fun sense of humor to the team. He truly cares about helping others achieve their goals. Coach Denise soon followed starting in June. Denise has been a wonderful addition challenging members to get the most out of classes. She is always there to cheer you on. Not only did we add to the coaching team, but Coach Cati had twins, Oakley and Sloan and Coach Cory had a daughter, Lilly!

2.We continued to take our knowledge to the next level. Coach Mike became a Certified Functional Strength Coach!  Suzanne became Precision Nutrition certified, and Coach Nick got a certification in USA Powerlifting. Mike and Suzanne continue to learn from their business mentors, Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove, and mastermind group, Results Fitness University. 

3.We came together for two awesome charity workouts, Head for the Cure and Breast Workout Ever. We were able to raise over $450 for Head for the Cure and $1,500 for Siteman Cancer Center. Your support and kindness made this possible. It’s always amazing what you can do when you come together for a common cause. THANK YOU!

4.16 people completed our #100WorkoutChallenge! For those of you who don’t know, it challenges members to completed 100 workouts at Forward Fitness from July 1st through January 31st. Congrats to Paul Pace (first to finish), Monica Diaz, Denise Golden, Thomas Economou, Paul Balfe, Angela Lehmann, Tanya Oliphant, Jenelle Sander, Denise Johnson, Stephanie Nadeau, Linda Najbart, Aubrey Morris, Lisa Kickbusch, Stephanie Pineda, Suzanne Klaus, and Mike Klaus!

5.We created some extracurricular teams: Powerlifting, OCR, and softball. 

  • Jessica Kime completed her first Powerlifting meet, Luck of the Irish, and placed first! 
  • Our OCR team took on the Warrior Dash and the Busch Stadium Spartan Sprint. We had a blast getting muddy and conquering the Warrior Dash obstacles. We even had three top 10 finishers (Suzanne Klaus, Liz Heisler, and Tanya Oliphant).  We had a team of three rise to the Spartan Sprint, climbing countless stairs, carrying heavy loads, climbing ropes, and swinging across monkey bars. Suzanne got her first Spartan podium finish taking bronze. 
  • Our co-ed softball team took second in the Mid-County Chamber of Commerce League.

6.Members rose to the challenge! We had three challenges this year: New Year New You, Drop 2 Sizes, and Holiday Hold ‘Em.

  • In our New Year New You Challenge over 200 pounds and 220 inches were lost! Christy Byrd, Dana Merritt, and Rachel Mapp took the prize losing 9% of their total beginning inches. 
  • In our Drop 2 Size Challenge over the course of eight weeks, 18 out of the 19 participants fit into jeans that could not button in the beginning!
  • Our Holiday Hold ‘Em was a success, challenging people to hold their body fat percentage from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

7.We got an InBody machine! Why is this a highlight?! Well, it is a machine that will measure your body composition. It can tell you how much of your weight is lean mass vs. fat mass. It even breaks it down by body segment. This gives members so much more information then the scale. If you are losing fat, but gaining muscle the scale may not change that much, but your body fat percentage will. 

8.We had another successful year of the Winter and Summer Games. The Forward Fitness Games is a series of 8 events where members compete in one of four teams and challenge themselves to set new PRs.  Team Blue dominated the Summer Games only to be defeated in the Winter Games by Team Grey. A special shout out to Jessica Kime, Angela Lehmann, Catherine Sanders, and Anna Hancock for deadlifting 300 plus pounds!

9.We continued to add to our equipment selection adding sandbags to the mix. (No not the ones you use when sandbagging for a flood, but ones especially designed for working out.) Sandbags are a great training tool  from a novice to advanced athlete. You will even see our Kettlebell class is now Bags and Bells.

10.We celebrated our 4th Annual #ForwardFam Thanksgiving! This is one of our favorite events. It is a time to come together as a community and celebrate each other and all we are thankful for.

We look forward to all that we will accomplish in 2019!

The Top 5 Exercises to Prepare for an OCR

Have you signed up for an Obstacle Course Race and don’t know where to begin your training? Or, maybe you have thinking about signing up for one, but are intimidated. If you are still thinking about it, check out Coach’s Suzanne’s reasons to take on an OCR. Aside from foam rolling and putting in some miles, below are some great exercises to incorporate in your OCR training.


  1. Pull/Chin Ups

Pull/Chin ups are crucial when training for OCR success.  There are many obstacles that require climbing, pulling, and grip strength. Be sure to use multiple styles of pull-ups (multiple hand positions and varied tempo) as well as multiple types of grips (fat grips, towels, balls).

  1. Carries

You are required to carry heavy objects in many races. The bucket carry, atlas carry, sandbag carry are just a few obstacles that require to move heavy loads. Like the pull-up, practice multiple styles of carries (farmer- weight in each hand, bucket, sandbag- over the shoulder, kettlebell in the rack position). This will prepare you for the required strength, endurance, and grip.

  1. Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings made the list because they are fantastic for developing power, endurance, and grip strength. They are also a great alternative if your body needs a break from running.

  1. Crawls

Crawls is an amazing functional exercise that must be trained if you plan on having a strong race.  The crawl is yet another exercise that should be trained in multiple forms and direction (forward, backward, and lateral).

  1. Box Jumps

Weather your race has flights of stairs, obstacles to jump to, or obstacles to jump over, box jumps will prepare your body for the needed power, conditioning, and athleticism needed to complete many obstacles. They will also help condition you for any burpees that may need completing.

Forward Fitness OCR Team

We are thrilled to announce we are starting a Forward Fitness Obstacle Course Team! Check out Suzanne’s top 5 reasons to do an OCR.

We picked our first two events:

Warrior Dash (Old Monroe)- August 4th

Spartan Stadium Sprint (Busch Stadium)- August 11th

Both races are around 5K, or 3.1 miles. The Warrior Dash will be easier than the Spartan Race, but they will both be a challenge. Have a race lined up is a great motivator! It’s a little extra incentive to get all your workouts in and make healthy food choices!

Training will start June 4th, about 8 weeks prior to the events and will include:

  • Week by week training plan
  • Weekly OCR team training (Saturday at 8am)
  • Two team runs per week (TBD)
  • Forward Fitness OCR shirt when you sign up by May 25th

Cost for the training is $197 as a member. (Does not include cost of race.) Not a member? We’d love for you to become part of our fit fam! Sign up for your complimentary strategy session.

Start Training

5 Reasons to do an Obstacle Course Race

By: Suzanne Klaus RD, LD, CPT

From the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder to The Green Beret Challenge and Spartan Races, OCR, or Obstacle Course Races are taking over! Back in February I completed my first Spartan Race in Arizona. I loved it! It had such an impact on my life that I wrote a blog specifically about it. I absolutely love obstacle course races! It’s hard to narrow down the reasons, but here are my top five reasons.

1. Have something to train for.

As Joe De Sena said in his book Spartan Up! “When you sign up for something, you’re forced to train for it. Just like in a business, you are forced to work. Just like having a kid, you’re forced to take care of it all. All of a sudden, you become accountable.” After I signed up for my first Spartan Race I took ownership of my workouts. I had some form of training every day, but Sunday. It mattered if I missed a day. You can’t fake it during a race. For me signing up for obstacle course races has made all the difference in my training, 2018 has been my best and most consistent year of training. It’s April 10th and I already have 68 workouts completed!

2. Do something you didn’t think was possible.

I am a firm believer that anything is possible. Maybe the thought of an obstacle course race is scary, but that is all the more reason to do one. With the proper training, nutrition, and mindset you CAN do it! Imagine crossing the finish line! What an AMAZING feeling to conquer something you once thought was impossible! It’s a way to break out of the monotony. It’s a whole new feeling and way of living.

3. Challenge the way you think.

During any race, there is usually a point where you think, “Why am I doing this?” You are tired and there is still plenty of race left. It is during these moments that you are faced with two choices, to dig deep and keep moving forward or to stop. When you choose the mindset to keep moving forward it can translate to other difficult situations in your life. In some of the races you don’t know what the obstacles will be until race day. This forces you to adapt to situations you didn’t plan for. Doesn’t that sound a lot like life. You are forced to put all your focus on the present obstacle in front of you. You aren’t thinking about the stress of work, the laundry that needs to be done, or any family issues. You are focused on the present task at hand. You are choosing to face an obstacle head on and give it your all.

4. Build strength.

One of the reasons I love obstacle course races so much is the fact that they require strength. A marathon is certainly a challenge, but it doesn’t require the same kind of strength that you need to get through an obstacle course race. You must be able to jump over, crawl under, and pull yourself up. Most people I meet with say they want to become more “toned,” which is basically building muscle and losing fat. Trust me, training for an obstacle course race will do just that!

5. Elevate your overall health and fitness.

Having an obstacle course race to train for automatically motivates you to make healthier choices. Not only will you have a reason to train, but you will be more apt to get your 7-9 hours of sleep, drink plenty of water, and make healthier food choices. With all these healthy habits forming, your stress level should decrease too!

What are you waiting for? Join the Forward Fitness OCR Team! We already have a few races lined up. They are roughly 5K or 3 miles.

Interested in getting all the benefits of OCRs? Email Suzanne@ForwardFitnessSTL.com to get started!