OCR Training for the Valentine’s Day Massacre

Need a reason to train or that extra push to get you to the gym during these cold dark months? Join our OCR team! We will be racing in the Valentine’s Day Massacre OCR on February 16th!

Training begins January 5th. We will train twice a week:

  • Tuesdays at 6am (Art Hill): Run
  • Saturdays at 8am (Forward Fitness): OCR Workout and Run

Join the OCR Team

What did people say about their OCR experience this past summer?

“I just couldn’t believe I did it! I’m “not a race person” — HOW was it possible that I accomplished this torture test and actually had FUN?! I was shocked that I did so well, I was close to placing – a big motivator to do this again and push even harder. I was amazed, so excited and ready to sign-up for another one! I’m still on cloud 9, it was a rush, a high and a real bonding moment – I’ll forever be proud of the amazing team of people who crossed that finish line in 2018 before me, with me and after me! We truly did it together! I loved that throughout the race, I could see my team all over the course doing well. It made me so proud to be a part of the FF OCR TEAM!” -Aubrey M.

“I felt very well prepared for the race, but having never done one before, it’s hard to understand what it will be like before you do it. I was so glad that I did it and felt very accomplished. I had a healthy mix of pushing myself so I was tired at the end, but also pacing myself enough to complete everything.” -Kate L.

We would love to have you on our team!

Join the OCR Team

The Top 5 Exercises to Prepare for an OCR

Have you signed up for an Obstacle Course Race and don’t know where to begin your training? Or, maybe you have thinking about signing up for one, but are intimidated. If you are still thinking about it, check out Coach’s Suzanne’s reasons to take on an OCR. Aside from foam rolling and putting in some miles, below are some great exercises to incorporate in your OCR training.


  1. Pull/Chin Ups

Pull/Chin ups are crucial when training for OCR success.  There are many obstacles that require climbing, pulling, and grip strength. Be sure to use multiple styles of pull-ups (multiple hand positions and varied tempo) as well as multiple types of grips (fat grips, towels, balls).

  1. Carries

You are required to carry heavy objects in many races. The bucket carry, atlas carry, sandbag carry are just a few obstacles that require to move heavy loads. Like the pull-up, practice multiple styles of carries (farmer- weight in each hand, bucket, sandbag- over the shoulder, kettlebell in the rack position). This will prepare you for the required strength, endurance, and grip.

  1. Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings made the list because they are fantastic for developing power, endurance, and grip strength. They are also a great alternative if your body needs a break from running.

  1. Crawls

Crawls is an amazing functional exercise that must be trained if you plan on having a strong race.  The crawl is yet another exercise that should be trained in multiple forms and direction (forward, backward, and lateral).

  1. Box Jumps

Weather your race has flights of stairs, obstacles to jump to, or obstacles to jump over, box jumps will prepare your body for the needed power, conditioning, and athleticism needed to complete many obstacles. They will also help condition you for any burpees that may need completing.