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After not working out for more than three years, I decided to get back into the swing of things by joining the Spring Challenge 2015. I knew right away I would continue going to Forward Fitness after the challenge. The Fit Camp classes are different from anything I have done and provide great results. I’ve lost weight and inches, built muscle, and feel more energetic. The classes are customizable which makes them great for beginners and for the more experienced. Mike, Nick, and Suzanne are always providing tips on ways to improve and reach your goals. They stay on top of the latest research and incorporate new techniques into the classes. I actually look forward to going to the gym now!

—Laura Williams, St. Louis, MO

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My experience at Forward Fitness has been nothing but positive. The staff (Mike, Suzanne and Nick) is everything you want from a workout facility: warm and welcoming, encouraging, knowledgeable, and engaged in your success. Additionally, they know exactly how to push you beyond where you think you could go in a way that makes you feel good.

For me, when I work out, I want to be held accountable so that I am able to see growth. The staff at Forward Fitness excels here, making sure they are instructing me on my form so I am doing exercises properly. In addition to strengthening my body, they want me to understand how my body works so I can take the best care possible of it. I appreciate that. I never feel dumb asking a question about anything from nutrition to form because I know Mike, Suzanne and Nick actually care about me and my health and want to see me succeed.

The facility itself is also worth mentioning. It is incredibly clean and well kept, with encouraging quotes on the wall to motivate you during your workout. It is well stocked with kettle bells and free weights and other equipment necessary to strengthen your body. The atmosphere is just right.

Each time I leave Forward Fitness, I seem to have a little extra spring in my step and confidence in myself for what I have just accomplished. I attribute that feeling to both my own hard work and to where and with whom I am working out. Thank you, Forward Fitness.

—Chelsea, Manchester, MO

I personally don’t think you could find a better group of people for your training and nutritional coaching than Mike, Nick, and Suzanne at Forward Fitness. No matter what your experience level or what your fitness plans may involve, they are going to help you reach your goals. They have you covered from start to finish so you can be proud of what you’ve accomplished. The group training is a great way to get a good workout and burn calories. For that extra help, I really recommend the personal training. They will make sure you are exercising at your optimal potential. If you want a full body exercise class that is different, try the kettlebell, it is one of my favorite and Mike is the best instructor you will find in the area. The very best thing about all these trainers is that they are so great to work with. You are able to really work hard but also have a good time, which is paramount with me.  Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

—Chip, Brentwood, MO

Before joining Forward Fitness I was working out a couple days a week but wasn’t committed to making a difference in myself. I decided to make the change in gyms and start fresh with Forward Fitness! I spent a few years with the amazing FIT camps and then was ready to add another weekly challenge to my workout routine. I went to a presentation on OCR and knew I was ready to accept the next step in my fitness goals. So I joined the OCR team and have officially completed my first Spartan race with the help of my gym coaches and family!

Forward Fitness cares about your health and will push you daily to reach your goals. They make the FIT camps challenging but every workout is set up for all levels. The staff is friendly and is always making our classes exciting!

Being with Forward Fitness I’ve gained so much more confidence, strength, motivation, and I have reached several goals that I never thought I would have achieved!! My husband and I are so happy with our gym and would recommend Forward Fitness to everyone who wants to become a part of a gym family!
-Nicole, Arnold, MO

I had just cancelled my ClassPass and joined Club Fitness on a whim. It was overwhelming and intimidating and I ended up only running on the treadmill. I missed class pass for the classes, I like to work out in groups, but it had basically turned into a yoga pass. My friend Clare invited me to check it out, and I knew she loved it so I thought I’d give it a try.

I went to a FIT Camp and immediately felt welcomed and the energy was just right. I HAVE to have music to work out, no exception, and their music was fun and upbeat, not to mention the coaches took their time to remember my name and progress. They didn’t hesitate to challenge me and when they corrected my form it didn’t make me feel silly.

My life has changed quite a bit from starting at Forward Fitness (I now have a 15 month old) and although I don’t make it to the gym as much as I used to, it’s exactly what I need to stay in shape to chase my little man around and to take a mental break.
-Hannah, St. Louis, MO

Before Forward Fitness, I was a slug. I would take the dog for a walk and that was about it. Then I got the news from the doctor -You have high blood

pressure ! I was put on medication and decided I didn’t want to take meds the rest of my life. Honestly, I was surprised it took this long when I come from a high blood pressure family. My doctor suggested I get more exercise. I was 53 years old and had never really been to a gym. I was intimidated by gyms, I hated the all woman gyms ( rhymes with Turves) they weren’t challenging enough. I hated the big box gyms because I had no idea what to do when I got there.

My friend Lisa had been telling me about Forward Fitness for years but despite her being a good friend, I was skeptical. I got up the nerve to go in and see what it was all about. Suzanne completed my initial evaluation. She was so warm and welcoming, I knew I had found a place I thought I could fit in. I joined during a challenge and dove right in! This is a one stop gym. You get the tools needed for fitness and a dietician for nutrition. Also, the coaches hold accountability groups and make you feel like you are not alone on whatever journey you are taking. After. Year and a half I was off all medications! I felt so good, I knew I could accomplish anything.

Forward Fitness makes you feel like you belong. Last year I completed a 30 miles in 3 days walk to support Breast Cancer research. A feat I never would have attempted without the confidence I now felt. The whole gym pulled together and collected gently used shoes. These shoes were given to an organization that repurposes them and donated money to breast cancer. Forward Fitness donated over 250 pairs! Forward Fitness supports all of their members this way. This support along with the camaraderie with the members (#5amclub) keeps me coming everyday! Even with the pandemic the coaches have worked tirelessly making sure we keep training at home and still feel that sense of family. I can not recommend this gym enough. If I can do it, anyone can.