New Year New You!

The new year is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s a time where we look at our life and the year ahead. It’s a time where we set goals and intentions.

For many those intentions are health related. Whether it’s feeling better, having more energy, feeling more confident, fitting into clothes, or moving better, it can be scary to start.

How much should I workout? What exercises are most effective? How do I know if I am doing an exercise correctly? What should I eat? How much should I eat? Do I need to eat before or after a workout? How do I stay motivated?

We’d love to help! We’d love to invited you to be part of our Forward Fam. Get expert guidance from coaches and the support of people who have been successful making lifestyle changes and/or are going through the same things.

In our New Year New You Challenge we are taking 8 weeks to focus on creating healthy rituals that will continue even when the challenge ends. We will have weekly accountability groups to help!

So often people use the scale to determine how successful they are, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. You can gain 5 pounds of lean muscle mass and lose 5 pounds of fat. The scale will show zero change, when in reality it was a 10 pound change!

We are using our top of the line InBody machine to measure body composition. It will break down how much of your wight is lean mass verses fat mass. To win the challenge you will have to maintain or gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat mass. Everyone can win!

Kick off Meeting: Thursday, January 9th 7:30pm
Beginning Measurements: Monday, January 13th-Thursday, January 16th
Ending Measurements: Monday, March 9th – Tuesday, March 10th

Email Suzanne at with any questions!

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