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Drop 2 Sizes Challenge

September 23 • 12:00 am - November 19 • 12:00 am

Do you have a box of clothes in the basement that you use to rock? Imagine how great you felt wearing your favorite dress, shirt, or jeans. There is an air of confidence and you just feel great! We want to help you get back into your jeans. We are taking the emphasis off the scale for this challenge and putting it on how your clothes fit.  It is the start of a journey to have more energy, gain confidence, feel better, and rock a pair of jeans!

Do you feel you have plateaued in your training? Maybe you want to kick it up a notch? Forward Fitness is here for you. When you join the challenge you will get access to weekly accountability/nutrition meetings, recovery tips, and a secret Facebook group. We will even upgrade your membership to 8 weeks of unlimited FIT Camps! 

Need help with accountability? As part of the challenge you will get a journal that we will be looking at on a weekly basis. You can expect a text if we haven’t see you in awhile or you skip a FIT Camp you signed up for.

Looking for support? When you become part of our #FitFam you can expect support from the coaches and other members. Part of what is so great about this challenge is you are on the same mission as countless others. You can relate and give and get support. The accountability meetings create an ideal atmosphere for support.

Don’t know what to do? We’ve got you covered on the exercise, nutrition, mindset, and recovery fronts. When you join the challenge you will get a journal with nutrition information and ideas for meals. You will also get information on mindset and recovery. When you come to the gym, we will show you how to do everything so there is no experience needed.

Maybe you are waiting for the right time to start? It’s now! There is never going to be that “perfect time.” Life is always happening. It is important to prioritize your health. Take this challenge as a sign to start!



Important Dates

September th: Kickoff Meeting

September 23rd: Try on those jeans and beginning photo

September 23rd: Start of unlimited FIT Camps

Week of October 21st: Halfway jean try on and photo

Week of November 4th: 6 Week jean try on and photo

November 18th-20th: Final jean try on and photo

November 21st: Forward Fitness Thanksgiving 5-7pm

The great news is EVERYONE can win! In order to win the challenge you must:

  • Work out a minimum of 4x/wk (2 strength workouts and 2 additional FIT Camps)
  • Fill out your journal following the nutrition recommendations and check in weekly
  • Take week 1, 4, 6, and 8 photos in jeans and provide us with the story of your 8-week journey
  • Start with a pair of jeans that you cannot button and be able to button your jeans comfortably enough that you would wear them out in public on week 8

We guarantee if you follow our program you will be able to wear those jeans by the end of the challenge!

ALL winners will get a $100 gift card to Radiance Float and Wellness!!!! If you have never been to Radiance you are missing out. From floating to the infrared sauna and cryotherapy, they have so many wonderful services that help promote recovery and stress relief, which are key to your health.




Check out what past challengers are saying.

“My story really started many years ago. I have struggled with my weight all of my life and come from a family of women who have health issues due to weight issues. After having my baby, my wonderful 20-year old now, I was 170 pounds. I made some progress over the years, up and down all the time, but never really fit. Then in 2010 I had a mastectomy for breast cancer and learn that my form of cancer was estrogen positive, meaning that the cancer thrives on estrogen. Since fat cells produce estrogen, reducing the amount of fat cells is a clear way that I can try to stay cancer free. So I kept trying with varied success. Then 2013 I discovered circuit-weight training and made huge progress, getting fit, strong and trim. And though I have maintained a stronger trimmer me since then, as if often does, life threw me some curves and new adventures and uh oh, my jeans weren’t fitting! So, one of the first things I did after moving to Saint Louis was to seek out a place to work out and Fortunately I found Forward Fitness! During this year of transition this great team has kept me in shape and from going up another pant size. Then the jeans challenge came along! What a great program! I felt I had been living a pretty well before hand and was a little skeptical about how well this would work, but that was perhaps to make excuses for the shortcuts I had been taking. I knew what to do diet wise, but wasn’t really doing it. So the accountability journal and weekly meetings and Suzanne’s guidance have been perfect to keep me focused. Changes I made were cutting out the amount and frequency of sugar, bread, popcorn, and wine and focusing on increasing my protein, drinking water, and eating lots of vegetables. On the exercise front, I upped my workouts from 3 a week to 4-5 a week. When I could do 5 I think it really paid off. And the way this Forward Fitness team has challenged me in my semi-private trainings has made all the difference!!! At 54, upping weights is scary, but Suzanne, Nick, Cati, and Mike have each encouraged me and helped keep me from getting hurt. Not only am I stronger than I have ever bee in my life, but the weight is coming off! So loving being healthy and strong and looking forward to rocking my riding jeans and enjoying my horseback riding passion for years to come. This is a lifestyle, not a one and done. Forward Fitness! You rock! Thank you.” -Barbara C.




“I feel very different in week 8 than I ever expected. I am stronger, healthier, fitter, and more confident at the gym than I ever imagined. I’ve always considered myself unathletic and uncoordinated- now I would describe myself as STRONG. This is a point I could never have reached without Forward Fitness’s program and amazing team.

There were many days I didn’t drink enough water or eat as well as I should have. In a two month period, I went to two weddings, left town three times, celebrated Halloween, attended at least 10 eating events for work- all of these things left me feeling discouraged sometimes. It was so helpful to have y pictures and see my progress. That way, even on bad days, I was reminded of the progress I was making. I’ve made changes during the challenge that have become habits. I know they will stick with me because my thinking has changed. How I approach drinking water, eating breakfast, and making good choices at restaurants have especially improved.

I will continue to work on a sustainable meal prep schedule and focus on challenging myself in FIT Camps after my semi-privates end.

Next time I will Create a better base of recipes and meal ideas to pull from throughout the challenge and try to find a meal prep buddy or service to stay ahead of it.

The way I feel and the way I think about my body have fundamentally changed during the challenge. I can swing more, lift more, do banded chin ups, and keep up during conditioning! I’ve also found a community of omen doing the challenge who encourage, support, and push me.

Thank you all for helping me accomplish so much!” -Kate L.




“When I first heard about this challenge I was excited to NOT have to keep track of weight and measurements. I’ve previously participated in fitness challenges and I never reached my goal because I was so focused/discouraged by the numbers. This challenge takes your focus and puts it into the diet and exercise I knew I had to do this challenge when the end of the 8 weeks lead to holidays, busy season at work and my wedding 6 weeks later. I had nothing to lose… except the extra weight! This journal has been the key to my success in the 8 weeks. I’m a visual person and constantly need reminders of what my focus is. I wasn’t as committed as I should have been in writing everything down, but I was able to apply the things I learned to my diet… Not only do I feel better, but I notice a difference when I order food out, I am making healthy choices because I want to… I am happy the focus of this challenge was NOT on numbers because I feel like the habits I created with nutrition will help me in the long run. So happy I did this challenge! Happy to go from a size 12 to a size 8 in the same brand of jeans!” -Kat J.




“This challenge has been a fantastic opportunity for me to make some changes in how I eat and take care of my body. It has been invaluable to have the full support of the Forward Fitness staff behind me, as well ad know they will be there in the future. Throughout the challenge I feel like I have lost quite a bit of weight and I know I fit into my jeans! That puts me just one size larger than what I wore as a junior in high school, a decade ago. That is when my next goal comes in, I will drop another pants size and get back down to size 36 jeans!!” -Andrew E.



 You can also email Suzanne@ForwardFitnessSTL.com or call/TEXT 314-367-9273.


September 23 • 12:00 am
November 19 • 12:00 am
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