10 Things to do in St. Louis That Don’t Involve Food and Drink

Social events tend to be centered around food and beverages. Think about the last time you hung out with a friend. Did you grab a drink, eat dinner, or go to brunch? Do you avoid hanging out with friends because you are trying to be healthy? Don’t worry! There are other options! Check out these 10 things you can with friends or by yourself that don’t involve food or beverages.

  1. The Botanical Gardens

    The botanical Gardens has many events throughout the year that take place. Starting spring 2017 is the Gardens of Glass, the Japanese Festival (Labor Day weekend), and Best of Missouri Market (October). There are plenty of options for youth and adult classes and programs. The butterfly house is also a great place to visit in the gardens

  2. St. Louis Zoo

    Voted America’s top free attraction and best Zoo, this is a great family attraction. There are so many different species of animals to see. They also have family friendly events including Jungle Boogie (free summer concert series), seal lion shows, and the stingrays at Caribbean Cove. The Zoo event hosts holiday events! Boo at the Zoo and the US Bank Wild Lights are two of the more popular ones! See what else the St. Louis Zoo has to offer! 

  3. Lone Elk Park

    This is a great option no matter the weather. There are numerous trails to check out during the nice days. If it is a rainy or cold day you can stay in the car and drive through the park trying to find elk, deer, bison and other animals. The World Bird Sanctuary is also located in Lone Elk Park where you can see birds from around the world and they also have bird shows as well. 

  4. Art Museum

    Located in Forest Park, this is a great indoor option on cold winter or hot summer days. With works of art and exhibitions year round, this is a great option for a quiet morning or afternoon.  www.slam.org

  5.  City Museum

    For children and adults of all ages, the City Museum is a great activity to enjoy with family or friends. There are caves, slides, obstacles and plenty more to keep you entertained for hours. They also offer overnight stays and yoga.  See what else the City Museum has to offer! 

  6. Escape Rooms

    This is a fun group option where you get clues and puzzles to solve and help you escape from a room within 60 minutes. There are various rooms with different themes to choose from and different locations in St. Louis including Escape the Room and No Way Out.

  7. Indoor Rock Climbing 

    Indoor rock climbing can be a ton of fun and a great workout. There are a couple different indoor options for rock climbing here in St. Louis, Upper Limits and Climb So iLL. Both offering group and individual climbing courses and also summer camps.

  8. Footgolf

    Eagle Springs Golf Course is the one golf course in St. Louis that offers FootGolf. It has the same basic rules as golf, but with a soccer ball. This is a great group activity for all ages. 

  9. Yucandu Art Studio

    Located in Webster Groves, this is an art studio with endless options. They offer open studio time, classes, parties, and many more. Create a work of art with friends or go by yourself to relax.

  10. Parks and Trails 

    We have the great privilege of having numerous parks and trails to visit in the area.  Some include hiking and biking trails. Laumeier Sculpture Park, Castlewood State Park, Powder Valley, Chubb trail, Grant’s trail, are a few of the many parks and trails. Check out a full list. 

Spring Forward with Fitness BBQ Celebration!

Last week we announced the winners of our Spring Forward with Fitness Challenge at our BBQ. The challenge was based of percent inches lost around the waist and hips. We were so excited to see everyone’s results.  Not only could you tell people lost inches, but their attitude toward health, fitness, and their self changed.   After totaling everyone’s results, 44 inches were lost among the group in the waist and hips and 60 inches overall. That is five feet!

Congrats Kelly and Lisa!

Congrats Kelly and Lisa!

Kelly Williams took first place and $1,000 with 6.9% inches lost around her waist and hips! She lost 17.6 pounds, 10.5 total inches, with 6.5 of those being from the waist and hips. Kelly came in with a focus. You could tell she had made up her mind to make a change for herself. She came to the weekly nutrition classes and gave some great input. She was a regular to the 6am classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and usually added a weekend workout. Keep up the awesome work!

Lisa Bailey lost 5.5% inches around her waist and hips and was crowned second winning $600. Lisa has made so many great changes especially with her mindset. She figured out what works for her and how to frame things in a positive manner. This is so important when making changes that you want to last. Despite an extremely busy time in her life, she made time for workouts, nutrition, and herself. Way to go Lisa!

Laura Williams won $400 in third place losing 5.1% inches. She is someone who gives each workout her all. If you give her a heavier weight she doesn’t complain. She enjoys the challenge. She planned workouts around her 12 hour shifts and attended the nutrition classes she could. She made her health a priority. Congrats on your success! We wish we could have taken your picture at the BBQ, but understand those 12-hour shifts.

Congrats on your success!

Congrats on your success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the BBQ! A special thanks and congratulations to those who decided to make a change and did the Spring Forward with Fitness Challenge. Even though only three people received cash prizes, everyone made an improvement!

Celebrate Moving Forward

Cheers to a new beginning, to moving forward. We can’t tell you how excited we were to celebrate our grand opening. We want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement! We were blown away by the number of people who came to the celebration.

 Grand Opening Cheers

Ecstatic can only begin to describe our feelings about being Maplewood’s newest fitness facility. We offer group training, personal training, and kettlebell classes. Before you stop reading because you have already grown tired from thinking about lifting a weight know this: we are not your average training studio.

  • We pride ourselves in making health fun. Very few people will continue to work out if they dread it. You will never leave our studio without a smile or chuckle.
  • We watch how you move, learn how you move, and keep watching. This may sound creepy, but it’s not. We screen you using the Functional Movement System (FMS) before we create a training program for you. Think about this in terms of an eye doctor. When you go to your eye exam, you don’t want to be given a random pair of glasses. You want the eye doctor to exam in your eyes to determine what prescription to give you. We aren’t going to give you a random work out. We want to see how you move to write a workout that is right for you! Once you have that workout we keep watching to make sure you stay in good form. We don’t want any injuries.
  • One size DOESN’T fit all. One size usually fits no one. By screening you we can create a workout program that fits YOU!
  • We have a registered dietitian on staff. Nutrition plays a HUGE roll in results. If you fuel your body with foods that promote health, you will see great results.
  • We don’t judge you. We welcome EVERYONE regardless of his/her fitness level. Whether you have never set foot in a gym or make it part of your normal routine, we have something for you.
  • We focus on the future. It can be easy to focus on the past and why things didn’t work out. At forward fitness we focus on moving forward and creating the future you want!

If you have been thinking about becoming active or looking for a better fit, we would love to move forward with you! Please email Suzanne at Suzanne@ForwardFitnessSTL.com to get started.