Kettlebell Training

Don’t be afraid. Kettlebells are awesome! Benefits include rapid fat loss, huge strength gains, and the coveted ‘kettlebell butt.’ Learn and master all kettlebell movements with RKC trainers.

FIT Camp

Get excited to work out with fun, effective, and motivating group training.

Nutrition Coaching

Work with a Registered Dietitian to feel your best.

Semi-Private Training

Break through barriers and achieve your goals with St. Louis’ finest and friendliest trainers. It’s the best of both worlds.

Move Better - Feel Better - Live Better

Welcome to Forward Fitness, a fitness facility serving the St. Louis metro area located in the heart of Maplewood. Our highly skilled, impeccably trained staff is passionate about bringing the latest information about exercise and nutrition into your workout while supporting the idea that exercise should be fun to be sustainable. Yes it is possible to have the benefit of an intense workout without risking injury or leaving yourself too tired to finish out your day. Let us show you how our techniques can work for you!
Move FORWARD today by emailing Suzanne at or TEXTING/calling 314-367-9273.